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Works and Projects

Thesis - Development

Journey mapping, stakeholder analysis, app design, wireframing, and high-fidelity mock-up

Thesis Project, interactive mock-up


Movie listing app, user research, app design, wireframing, high-fidelity mock-up

Division Project, interactive mock-up:

Thesis - Research

Project direction, framework, research, trend analysis, scenarios

Alteration Home

Personal project, website design for family member's home business


What is innovation, and how should we be designing services?

Data Maps

Mapping consumer trend and behaviors


Improving health solutions for men's ages 30-55







My aspiration in design comes from the need to understand everything around me. I want to appreciate my surroundings for the unique values it represents. Through recognition, I want to react to anything and everything; therefore, maximizing any potential possibilities of wonder and entertainment. 

Through UX design, I want to apply such a result in consumer services. As a designer, and a consumer, I want to know what products and services exist around the world. By achieving a vast understanding of consumer services, I want to guide businesses to achieve the maximized potential of existing, and future opportunities. 


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